Sanitary Intelligence Consulting

♦ Regulatory Intelligence

We develop business strategies for companies and pharmaceuticals products.

♦ Advisory Board

We act as advisors in public and private companies.

♦ Legalization of companies

We carry out all the steps for legalization of importers, exporters, manufacturers of medicines, medical devices, food, cosmetics, etc. at ANVISA.

♦ Product registration

Preparation of dossiers for medicines, medical devices, cosmetics and food and submission in different regulatory agencies.

♦ Price Registration

Preparation of dossiers and regulatory strategy for price registration of medicines and medical devices at CMED / ANVISA.

♦ Technical Opinions

We develop technical, regulatory and scientific opinions for administrative resources, patents, legal processes, draft laws, public consultations, etc.

♦ Technical-Regulatory Time

Online consulting specialized in regulatory affairs and/ or government affairs at national and international level.

♦ Pre-Inspection/Audits

GMP certification, ISO 13485:2016, MDSAP [ANVISA, CE, FDA, etc].

♦ Presentations

In congresses, events, unions, associations, arguments or defenses in regulatory bodies,  Senate, House of Representatives,  Comissions , etc.


  • Specialized in sanitary regulation within the pharmaceutical industry with national and international operations.
  • + 10 years in the market with commercial offices in Brazil and Spain.
  • Specialized in legalizing manufacturers, importers, exporters, physcochemical and microbiological laboratories.
  • Specialized in different product categories: medicines, medical devices, food (nutraceuticals), cosmetics, etc.
  • Its differential is to offer its customers a technical, regulatory, institutional and personalized marketing strategy at the global level (Europe, Latam, USA/FDA, etc.) considering the entire chain involved in order to ensure the compliance of the company.
  • Over the years we have developed a methodology using the regulatory strategy to ensure compliance of our customers.