Technical, Regulatory and Scientific Hour


If you or your company needs immediate technical, regulatory and/or scientific advice. In other words, hire only 1 hour of our services and we offer service within 3 business days.

Main examples of services already performed: response to technical requirements during inspection or product registration, letter deficient, defense of administrative resources, technical assistance, and others.


♦ Technical Hour – Online consultancy specializing in regulatory affairs and/or governmental matters in the national and international scope.

♦ Type of companies we serve in the healthcare area: importer, exporter, distributor, manufacturer, transporter, warehouse, pharmacies, drugstores, hospitals.

♦ Types of products we work with: medicines, medical devices, food (nutraceuticals), cosmetics, sanitizing, among others.


Once the customer has decided to carry out an emergency consultation, the process will work as follows:


1. The customer must purchase only one (1) technical hour, depending on the complexity of the case, if more technical hours are required, he will be informed at the first meeting.

2. The client must fill in the triage form for our team to perform a pre-service and have the best possible use during the meeting.

3. One of our specialists will contact you by email so they can schedule the best day and time, urgent cases, we try to schedule it within 72 hours.

4. During the service, if the problem is resolved, the service will end. If there is a need for more technical hours, it will be discussed during the first consultation and it will be up to the client to decide whether to proceed or not.

Note: Our work starts with the analysis of the technical information of your form, therefore, we inform you that we do not make refunds after the date of submission of the form.


Purchase only 1 technical hour by clicking the button below. After receiving confirmation of payment in your email with the transaction code number, fill out our form.


For this type of emergency service only, if you have any questions, please contact We will try to help you within 3 business days.



In order for you to finish filling out the form and submitting it for our initial review, you will need the transaction number from the proof of payment you received via email.


If you already have this number, click on the button below, after we receive your information, we will contact you to schedule the technical meeting within 3 business days after the form submission date.



Have a specialized and experienced team integrated into your team!


If your company is interested in contracting our monthly hour packages, please contact us by email:


The minimum package we have is 20h/monthly (5 hours per week) 6 month contract. And your company can use it as needed!