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Sanitary Intelligence Consulting & Academy, 1st company and corporate university founded through master’s and PhD level research specializing in International Regulatory Affairs.

Formed by highly qualified and experienced professionals and professors, it offers the best solutions and regulatory strategies for the pharmaceutical industry internationally and for different product categories such as: API, medicines (drugs), medical devices (MDR), invitro diagnostics (IVD), software as a medical devices (SAMD), cosmetics, food, among others.

Over the years we have developed an innovative work methodology, which we have already implemented in different pharmaceutical industries on a global level.

We operate throughout the product life cycle, from the regularization of a company to the MHA (approval process of the product). Working with customized projects, in addition to certifying the company and its products, we help our clients to become more competitive and structured companies to face the new regulatory challenges in different countries, always respecting good compliance practices.

Founded in 2011 by the Italian-Brazilian, Prof. Dr. Natália Bellan, civil engineering technician at CEFET-SP, pharmaceutical-biochemistry at UNESP and USC, master and PhD in regulatory affairs at USP.

Sanitary Intelligence currently has offices on the European continent (Madrid, Spain) and on the American continent (São Paulo, Brazil).

The future has arrived and the new regulatory frameworks are no longer a prediction but a reality! It will be up to the company to decide whether it wants to continue expanding its business!


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